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When booking your trip and we set a date, we will do everything possible to make it happen. I’ll be up front and honest with you. If there is NO fish in the river at that time I will cancel the trip on that river, but if there is fish in another river and you are still want to fish. We can head on over and fish that river that has the fish.  I’m not in this business to make money by taking people for a boat ride. My goal is to get you into fish and to have a relaxing time doing so. If the weather condition are to hazardous and unsafe to travel I will cancel the trip. If we get a huge down pour of rain and it brings the rivers up so quick that they blow out, I will cancel the trip. If you need to cancel your trip I would ask that you give me at least 72 hour notice. I have a rule of thumb when fishing the Clackamas and the Sandy Rivers. If the freezing level stays below 4000 feet and it’s raining the river will not blow out. If the freezing level goes above 4000 feet and it’s pouring, more than likely the river will blow out within 24 hrs.

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  1. Dave Hogue says:

    Hi Looking to book a trip on the Sandy or ?
    For I guess Spring Chinook since the winter Steel head is just about over ?
    Please give me a call.
    Dave @ 541-420-6577
    Thank you,

    • Admin says:

      Hello Dave. Im sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I would love to take you out. We need the river to drop a lot to be productive. I fish from a drift boat and I like to run the river at 10.5 – 10 foot level. Today the river is running just over 12 feet. The lower river is a lake due to the columbia being so high. Can I contact you when the water drops to ideal levels. Thanks jeff

  2. Jeromy Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff looking for a last minute book on kings in the sandy if you had any cancelations. Also looking to see what you have around Feb for winter steel on the sandy thanks.

    Sandy Or

  3. Doug Hewitt says:

    Jeff, I would like to take my son and I out on a trip Monday, Feb. 19th for the morning. He is home now, out of the Spec ops, but heading back to Virginia in March. Do you have a couple openings for next Monday? Thanks, Doug

  4. Gordon Umaki says:

    Hey Jeff, I’d like to book a Springer trip on the Sandy or Clack in April or May. What dates are open for you.

  5. Jay J Beckelheimer says:

    Hi Jeff,
    My wife and I are coming into town 6/20 – 6/24. I know that is not much time but could I book a day trip? The 22nd is out as we are babysitting while my son attends a wedding.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Jay. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I just got back into the country. I’m taking a half day trip on sunday. Hoping the river stays high enough to float. Can I get back to you after sunday. Thanks Jeff. You can call me at 503 704 7920.

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