Fishing Calendar and Rates






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  1. Tim Shepardson says:

    Hi Jeff… Tim Shepardson here… I’m about due for some new line. What line and weight would you suggest for a good all around line?
    Braided or neoprene?
    Thanks for some input

  2. steve scheel says:

    First, I’m a new subscriber to the guide’s forecast and am enjoying it. I’m retired and trying to learn to catch a steelhead and am interested in your classes. Can you give me a little more information? Specifically, I’m interested in confirming what I’m doing right, eliminating what I’m doing wrong and learning various techniques as opposed to just a guided trip to catch a fish. I’m also just a bank fisherman. I’ll be in Brookings all of next week (was hoping to try the Chetco but it looks like it is all but dried up) but other than that my time is flexible. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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