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You can contact me at 503-704-7920 and leave a message on my phone or leave your name with your Phone # or your Email address below.

Thanks, Jeff Stoeger O2BFISHN

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  1. peggy m says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’d love to buy a trip for my husband, Mike, for a birthday present. I could give you a check in church next Sunday? Or have him call to arrange a trip and ay then? What works best?

  2. Alex Cano says:

    I just want to thank you for an awesome day out on the river. The day trip was first class, the salmon your grilled up at lunch time was a great lunch and the Steelhead that I caught just made a real good day a lifetime memory. I will be back with friends and family for more trips with you. Thank you, thank you ,thank you.

    Alex Cano

  3. Alex Cano says:

    What email address do I send my photos to?

  4. Wayne Thomas says:

    Hello again Jeff. I met you at the ODFW Clinic and spoke with you just before you had to leave. I’m the old man who asked you for a Sunday trip for me and my grandson and you very graciously gave me a special rate for both of us. Hope that will jar your memory. He is still working 6 days a week. If you can work us in for steelhead and/or salmon when the time is right, we will be raring to go. Hope to see you soon.

    • Admin says:

      Hello Wayne. I’ve been so busy that I have lost track of time. Can you call me on my cell at 503-704-7920. I would love to take you and grandson out. Its no excuse for not getting back to you. I had to many things on my plate. So please call me. Thanks Jeff

  5. Joe Feuerstein says:

    Hey Jeff ,
    It was nice seein yea the other day, I was thinking you were retired by now!?! 🙂
    Anyways….. I have been thinking of learning some new water and need some expertise to show me. Since I fished with you last I have had a lot more time behind the oars, I have been running the Wilson, Trask, Kalama, Lewis, as well as the sandy a few times. I was wondering if you had any availability in the up coming winter to show me a couple drifts and of coarse puttin a hook in a couple fish . I was mainly interested in the Upper Wilson and Nestucca, let me know and hopefully we can hook up!

    Thanks, Joe
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas

  6. Ken Dollinger says:

    I river bank fished steelhead for many years, then quit for several (at the time, good) reasons 20 years ago. I think I am interested in returning to the “fine and pleasant misery”–but essentially I am once again a beginner; rivers, gear and methods have changed, my skills gone very rusty. Reading, watching videos, finding good seminars would be helpful, but what I really need is a knee-deep hands-on experience–preferably with enough success to inspire my uncertain interest.

  7. Stephen Thomson says:

    I really enjoyed my fishing trip with you and my friend, also named Jeff. Too bad the springer we caught was a native but it was an impressive fight that we all got to participate in. It was a beautiful fish but not a hatchery keeper. Turned into a beautiful day for my friend Jeff and myself. Thank you again (:>!!

  8. Mary says:

    Hello! I’m interested in fishing for winter steelhead on the Sandy..a bucket list item! Have multiple possible dates to consider in Jan and Fed. Looking forward to your email…

    • Admin says:

      Good morning Mary. Please give me a call 503 704 7920. I would love to get you out for a trip. I have open dates and the fishing is only going to get better. Thanks Jeff.

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